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Subject #08 Configuration #18
A brief history of Eight:

Eight, or Subject #08, Configuration #18, was a human born into captivity, a test subject of the Starmen from birth. Over the course of decades, the Starmen had abducted many humans other than George and Maria, foster parents to Giegue. These others, however, were subject to fates far worse, becoming medical experiments of the aliens. Deep within the Starmen's ships, they were tested, modified, becoming biological horrors in the name of whatever twisted science their captors were pursuing. This was the life Experiment #08 was born into. At the time, the Starmen were seeking a form of universal communication, a way of interacting with any sentient organism regardless of species or language. They proposed to create such a tool in the form of a living being, an organic communicator using the body and mind of a human as the base. Eight's transition into such a being began at birth, her vocal cords being slashed as to prevent the development of any form of speech or oral communication. A device was wired into her brain, allowing the subject to interact with others not through physical means, but rather allowing her to transmit imagery and emotion mentally. This "universal communicator" grew up, constantly modified and disciplined by the Starmen. However, as advanced as their technology was, Eight's master's had not seen the horrific potential of their creation. The constant dissection, modification, punishment, the very things used to perfect and control Eight had led her to develop a resentment, and intense hatred of the Starmen. Rather than communicate in a sane and civilized manor as she had been designed, the device contained within Eight's head would let off tremendous bursts of horrific imagery, all her hatred and loathing transmitted into a tangible form. This visions tore at the minds of those around the experiment, leaving nothing but gibbering wrecks in the place of the most stalwart of soldiers. Deemed a failed experiment, but possessing technology too valuable to be destroyed, Eight was locked away in the bowels of the ships, left to rot away where her tortured thoughts could not reach others.
The thin girl looks around, examining her new surroundings. Having spent her entire life in the darkness of one of the Starmen's titanic ships, she is unfamiliar with even the ground she now stands on, being accustomed to the cold metal hallways that lined her former prison. She stands on the warm earth, barefoot. She is unaccustomed to the bright light now shining down on her, reflecting off the thin coat of armor that covers most of her body. It cuts off at her elbows and knees, and the girl raises a thin, pale arm to shield herself from the bright light. She squints through ice-blue eyes, cold and piercing, taking in everything around her. The girl looks down at the large metal bracelet on her left arm, smooth except for the four large numbers emblazoned on its surface. 0-8-1-8. That was all she had left. Not even a name. Just a title, setting her apart from the rest of the Starmen's twisted experiments. Subject #08 appeared mostly human. Mostly. If one were to simply look from her eyes up, she seemed normal. Pretty, even. But below, where one would expect to find a nose and jaws, there was instead a large metal cover, stretching from ear to ear. Three vertical slits broke the surface of the cover where her mouth would have been, giving her an almost skull-like appearance.

She waves a strand of jet black hair away from her face and begins walking, seeking shelter. Though this nameless girl has never set foot on Earth before, it is her home. She would not return to a life of captivity of the Starmen, not alive. If they wanted her, they would have to kill her first.

((Got the account up, hurray? Thanks to a screw-up on dA's behalf, the names MotherOC-Eight and MotherOC-0818 have both become unusable. Shame, now my username sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyways, I'm super-excited that I get to use an OC, and I'm sure this'll be lots of fun!))


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MotherOC-Jay Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
Hello Eight...
(1 Reply)
motheroc-C-Kirsten Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Eight! Eiiiight! *She runs happily toward Eight carrying a large shopping bag in one hand, and a small paper bag in the other*

(( Been a while since these two interacted. ;D ))
(1 Reply)
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
*The robotic woman walks a very static path, a mop ready in hand. Although she is out in the wilderness, she seems to have no idea where she is going, or even where she is*

... *Boop*... *Beep*... *Bzzrt*...
(1 Reply)
m3-Boney Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Woof. (Hello there.) *Boney showed to be friendly as he sat down and wagged his tail*
(1 Reply)
MotherOC-Prei-Daunt Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010   Writer
Ah, and who do we have here?~ A little... juggernaut, perhaps?

Prei walks over to the girl, a welcoming hand held out.

Hello there, mademoiselle~ Are you... all right? Chipper as Jerry, I hope?
(1 Reply)
MotherOC-Tina Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010
Wow she looks interesting Why hello there! I'm Tina *smiles sincerely, extending her arm to shake hands with Eight*
(1 Reply)
Hello, cawaha... how much would this armor you're wearing... um, cost?
(1 Reply)
MotherOC-Jay Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
*Jay was sitting alone and meditating*

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MotherOC-Quinn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
(( Welcome to the circus.

Great sprite by the way! ))

*Quinn looks at her for a moment, not exactly with shock or fear, as he's used to the creations of the Chimera Lab, but with reserved interest*

Um... Well, hi...
(1 Reply)
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